Adding precious metals to your IRA

For the typical investor, silver and gold can be an excellent way to diversify retirement assets and help protect your wealth against inflation. Silver and gold have been considered “money” for over 5,000 years, in fact, both will still buy the equivalent goods today that they did over 2,000 years ago in ancient Rome. While currencies come and go throughout history, gold and silver maintain intrinsic value, which is immutable and permanent.
Maintain Control Over Your Assets
Phoenix Certified Bullion does not hold precious metals for our clients. All sales are either shipped directly to the buyer, shipped to the buyer as part of a qualified self-directed IRA account that meets the terms of the Federal IRA provisions, or shipped to qualifying custodial institutions, who provide administration services for Precious Metals IRA clients.
By establishing a self-directed precious metals IRA, investors can take control of physical metal inventories, rather than often-used ETF’s, which are only considered paper assets, since they do not offer physical ownership of the metals. Silver and gold bullion rounds from Phoenix Certified Bullion offer a safe, low-cost and easy way to own precious metals: Safe, because they are guaranteed for weight and purity and you maintain physical possession; Low-cost, in that our premiums are much lower per ounce than government issued coins, which allows you to buy more precious metals for your money; And easy, in that our products are quickly bought and sold, as well as recognized by reputable coin dealers throughout the country.

IRS Rules

The IRS prohibits retirement plans from purchasing any type of collectible, including coins. However, precious metal products from the American Relief Mint, including our silver and gold rounds with a fineness of .999 and .9999, respectively, qualify as eligible retirement investments. The American Relief Mint offers numerous products that meet government specified IRS guidelines

Setting up a Precious Metals IRA

Most Banks and Brokerage firms do not administer Precious Metals IRAs. Consequently, Phoenix Certified Bullion is a qualified vendor under agreement with Broad Financial, a firm that is authorized to set up qualified individual IRA LLC’s that allow the owner and director to take possession of their precious metals. If you do not qualify to set up a personally controlled precious metals IRA, we also work directly with several qualifying custodial institutions, who provide administration and storage services for Precious Metals IRA clients. Please call us at 801-360-7068 and we will be happy to provide you with assistance.